DNC advocates at work
DNC advocates at work

DNC advocates at work

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a law firm like no other …

a Law Firm that Best Serves the Needs of its Clients and Society … doing the best it can …

in serving its clients with ingenuity-efficiency, in the most effective way.

in educating young Indonesian advocates, to be better people and better professionals.

in contributing to society.

Established in 1994 and eventually becoming "DNC advocates at work" - an institution, in and through which all its advocates, at work, together, doing the best they can, are serving the needs of its clients and society. Non ministrari sed ministrare - not to be ministered unto, but to minister - to love, to care, and to be in the service of people.

Like no other, DNC advocates at work chooses to be lean (with up to 25 advocates) in doing the right things and doing things right to get to where DNC advocates at work wants to be … Majesty in Miniature. Advocates at work at DNC are all Indonesian nationals. All are trained to hold themselves to the highest standard of professional ethics and integrity, have unparalleled knowledge and expertise of the Indonesian law and legal system, and be familiar with all aspects and levels of Indonesian business and society.

Like no other, advocates at work at DNC talk the talk and walk the walk. They understand each individual client’s business-commercial needs, know-work with Indonesian law as it is written-practised rather than how it is translated-perceived; know-deal with people – including ‘who’s who’; and do-experience things. Advocates at work at DNC are highly creative in finding solutions that work; daring to try new things and take new approaches; make things right - make things work … and get the right things done.

Advocates at work at DNC have deep knowledge-understanding of the law, society, and each client’s commercial concerns-objectives; have creativity and passion to excel; and have service-oriented mindsets that are of benefit to their clients, in particular foreign clients operating within, and doing business in or with, Indonesia. Getting the right legal result in Indonesia is never a matter of luck. It is a matter of choosing the right people, the right partner, to work with. Advocates at work at DNC are the right people to get the right things done.

Like no other, DNC advocates at work limits the number of clients that it serves, to best serves the needs of its clients, and to build-sustain long-term relationship with its clients. DNC advocates at work adopts partnership-oriented services with enhanced communication, high expectations, mutual respect, commitment, equality and advocacy. The results are enduring professional relationships … partnerships in deed not in words … relationships and partnerships that work.

Like no other, DNC advocates at work goes digital into the cloud (infrastructure service), using cloud-based practice management-accounting and cloud-based document-email management. Advocates at work at DNC can access their work anywhere, anytime, with speed and efficiency, enabling them to respond and collaborate with their clients constantly while at the same time meeting higher security and compliance requirements from their high value clients.

Like no other, DNC advocates at work makes substantial (i.e., more than 20%) equity pledges for social-charitable causes, and encourages advocates at work at DNC to also contribute to society by giving them paid time off for volunteering and community service, and freedom to pursue their own cause passions. DNC advocates at work itself – and through Yayasan (Foundation) DNC advocates at work – focuses on, and doing the best it can, serving and empowering women and children, especially children with special needs, that are disabled or that are terminally ill.

The letters "DNC" are inter-locked to show camaraderie among its people: advocates-staff, and placed at the bottom left with the lowest part passing the paper line to show DNC advocates at work and its people are humble, grounded and rooted. The color green symbolizes life, energy, harmony, fertility, growth, freshness; and the color yellow-gold symbolizes love, honor, loyalty, happiness, wisdom, compassion, passion, intellect, clarity, courage. They are the colors and the philosophy of bamboo, which are all the qualities of the soul of man and of nature epitomized.

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